Day 18 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle in 24 hours

Day 18 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle in 24 hours

Oh man this was a hell of a rough one to deal with! 3000 piece puzzle in 24 hours! What the hell was I thinking? I really wasn't when I decided on this challenge. I honestly think that's part of the fun. Sometimes we overthink so much, it paralyzes us to do anything. I feel like that's why "crazy" people just tend to have more fun in life. They don't think too much, or if they do, it's a matter of a "screw it" attitude and whatever happens, happens. I am one of those who can be on both extremes. Certain things I put an excessive amount of thought into that really doesn't need it or I go into something like starting a business without thinking. I have learned so much during this time. Lol, oh back to the puzzle. The stamina it takes to try to do a 3000 piece puzzle in 24 hours is something I did not think about at all. Standing around a table, having your head bent down, and eyes focused for hours was exhausting. But as we were doing it I started seeing strategies that would help along the way.

  1. Give yourself time to do the puzzle
  2. Flip all the pieces face up
  3. Coordinate pieces by color
  4. Find border pieces and separate them (start putting the border together first)
  5. If colors are everywhere and it's difficult to find a place to start. Find a significant difference somewhere in the photo and start from there. My husband found a trident that was a great landmark to venture out from.
  6. Have fun with it.

Below I have a link to the time lapse. We didn't get to finish it in 24 hours, I think we finished one eighth of the whole thing, if that. But none the less it was a great experience to have. And it's just a fun thing to go through. We had some laughs, moments of frustration (most of the time), and little victories of finding a piece that works after 3 hrs of looking. I really hope that this inspires you to do something new, maybe something a little out there. Comfort zones are just that, it's a comfort spot. You can't grow where you aren't challenged. Grow a little each day by experiencing something new.

I will be updating this blog post once we have finally completed it. 

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