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Day 43 makeup hack day. My cousin showed me this video and said I should try this for one of my something news so I did. I have to say, I am incredibly pleased with the results. I felt like it allowed me to fill in my eyebrows so that it wasn't overwhelmingly dark. I'm not a fan of super dark eyebrows on myself. I don't feel like it looks natural on me. But oh how I love the Audrey Hepburn eyebrows that people have. I'm jealous. I'll admit that. I am happy with this trick and will be using...

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do something new, everyday learning, experience, experiences, first time, first time experience, fun, hair, hair tutorial, have fun, keep going, messy hair bun, something new, spread joy, start somewhere, try it -

Have you ever wondered if the messy hair bun is for you? I did too. This is my attempts to make the messy hair bun. Do something new and try it too!

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