Day 38 First Time at Foodieland (Tips for going to a Food Festival)

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Day 38 First Time at Foodieland (Tips for going to a Food Festival)

Day 38 was really fun! I love tasting food that I've never tried before. You never know what you're going to like unless you give it a try. You might discover a new flavor, texture, weird combo of ingredients you would not have thought to put together. Being open to new things allows you to open your world to so much more. Foodieland was a great place for this. The environment was fun and there was a variety of restaurants to choose from in one spot. Very convenient for the fan of food. I decided on trying Yakisoba, which I never had before and it was a little bit on the "safe" side. I'm familiar with noodles but never had Yakisoba, which is a Japanese fried noodle. There are ways to ease into doing something new like what I did at Foodieland. Familiar yet different. It doesn't always have to be way out there to make you uncomfortable. Inspiring to do something new is just have a little change. Going here for the first time I have learned a few things to do next time going to an event like this, to ensure I take full advantage of the event. Check out our Youtube video below to see the Foodieland Yakisoba experience!

Tips for a food festival:

  1. Go early in the day so you can digest your food enough to try everything you'd like to. Or just have enough people with you to share everything you want to taste.
  2. Check out the vendor list and see which ones you'd like to go to first and categorize (for example snacks, desserts, meals, and savory).
  3. Have a gameplan that's flexible. Plan out your food. I made the mistake of leaving all the sweet for last and it was major sugar overload at the end. Next time I would have a savory and sweet for each meal.
  4. Lines can be long so if you go with friends, you can tell each other what you want to order. Then each person can be at other lines at the same time. This will allow you to try what you want in a shorter amount of time.
  5. Bring a tote bag with ziploc bags or tupperware, so you can carry food that you don't finish or might want to take home at the end of your day.
  6. Oh and make note of where you parked. Sometime they won't have markings, we ended up parking on grass and forgot to do this. So next time I will be sure to take note.


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