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Day 42 is a big day for me. My husband encouraged me to do this video. For some reason I get really shy when talking about our business and what it's about. Well here it is. Random Positivity is is about inspiring people to do new things. It has become our mission to get people out of the funk of letting life go by. To inspire others to doing something they've been holding off. To make sure that when you leave this life you're going to know you did what you needed and wanted to do. Life is taken for...

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act of kindness, do good, do something new, everyday learning, experience, experiences, first time, first time experience, fun, good, good people, have fun, kindness, learn, learn everyday, new, new things to try, positive mindset, positive thinking, something new, speech, start somewhere, talk, toastmasters, try it -

It's Day 24 and I finally sat in on a Toastmasters Club Meeting. If you're unfamiliar with toastmasters it's an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to "empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders." After searching online different new things to do I came across Toastmaster. I have actually wanted to do this before, but as usual stuff happens and we forget what we've wanted to do. When I saw this reminder I was very excited. Not only will this help but I feel since covid happened and club meetings are online, it isn't as intimidating as I...

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