Day 31 Hip Hop Class

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Day 31 Hip Hop Class

Today was day 31 of our 30 and 30 challenge we are continuing on with a second dose of the 30 and 30 and challenge. If you are new to this blog, welcome! The 30 in 30 challenge is doing something new everyday for 30 days. Since this will be a continuation of the previous challenge, I decided to go ahead and do day 31. Now for today to kick off our 2nd 30 and 30, I decided to do a hip hop class which I've never done before. My cousin has really wanted to try it, and it was great that she invited me. I am so appreciative that she did, because it was such a fun class.

My cousin and I arrived at Playground LA about 30 minutes prior since it's in Los Angeles and we needed to find street parking (eek). Luckily we found one rather quickly. As we were waiting outside, people started to gather waiting for the doors to open. We began a few conversations and a lot of people said that it was their first time going to this class. I started feeling a bit more at ease. But when I saw them dancing, they were killing it! They were just on top of it and it was really cool to see. This was something that they genuinely enjoyed. You can see it in their dance. like they know how to get direction how to do the choreographed movements and add their own style to it which was amazing to look at. As awe-inspiring as it was to see these incredibly talented dancers around me, it was unbelievably intimidating. I stuck out like a sore thumb. I felt so out of place just like the indoor rock climbing challenge. As people were hitting move after move, and I was stumbling on myself, a particular episode from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air popped in my head. The episode when Vivian Banks decides to go after her dream of being a dancer and was in the class with all the 20 somethings. During the first class she was not able to keep up, she fell as she ended up crawling out of the room. I kind of felt like that.

As I started to stop focusing on everyone else and just focused on the dancing, I began to enjoy it so much more. When the class was done, Sam Allen mentioned that he would like to do the same thing next week. I thought to myself "YES! I'm coming back and Vivian Banksing this!" Later in the episode she goes to a dance audition that the same girls were at and Vivian knocks the routine out like she was born to dance. I'm going to continue creating progress videos on practicing this routine. I will get good at this.

Day 31 Hip Hop Class to be continued...

Check out the Youtube video below

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