Day 33 Bubblegum Bubble Challenge

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Day 33 Bubblegum Bubble Challenge

Day 33 started as any other normal day. Then the challenge came. Chewing a pack of Bazooka gum to make the biggest bubblegum bubble I can. My friend Gabby came over to visit but also to take away the puzzle from Day 18 of the first 30 in 30 Challenge. That puzzle was worked on for 3 weeks. She wanted to keep it completed and I was planning on taking it apart and throwing it back in the box. I was glad she wanted to keep it. I did not need that thing in my life anymore. It served its purpose. Anyway back to today's challenge, it wasn't originally planned for Gabby to join me for the challenge but I'm so glad she did.

It was time to start, the first piece goes in. It was challenging to chew because of how hard it was. As we kept putting more and more pieces it required a strength I didn't know I had. There were moments I had to keep myself from gagging. I thought I was going to vomit a few times, my eyes were getting watery and I was starting to feel a bit sick from it. The amount of chewing lasted for 30 minutes and the bubblegum bubbles we blew were just regular size! So disappointed. ALL THAT CHEWING FOR NOTHING! Then again I did get an unbelievably taxing jaw workout from all of it. I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up tomorrow with a sharp jawline that can cut diamonds. Hahahaha.

As I'm typing this, I grew curious and looked up the largest bubblegum bubble recorded. The record is held by Chad Fell for a bubble that was 20 inches (50.8 cm) in diameter! Guess how many pieces of gum was used. Go ahead, guess. It was three. THREE! Can you believe it? I was so pissed finding this out. Ugh. This is where we learn that more is not always best.

Doing the challenges, even as "simple" or "silly" as this bubblegum challenge, is always reminding me that things are not always what they seem. This was undoubtedly one of the most underestimated challenges I have ever done. I thought this was going to be one of the easiest challenges but I could not be further from the truth.

So glad Day 33 is done!

Check out the YouTube video below

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