Day 35 Learning to Knit

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Day 35 Learning to Knit

Day 35 I decided to try my hand at knitting or should I say needles? So corny. Anyways knitting has been a craft I've admired. I don't tend to buy a lot of them but adore knit clothes. They're so pretty. I tried crocheting in my last 30 in 30 Challenge on Day 9. I took to it well and began crocheting my own beanie. Honestly the colors are an ugly mix. I didn't think about the way it would look. I just saw the ball of yarn and that looked really cool to me. As a beanie, not a cute mix. Either way I have been practicing the crocheting and actually made something! I want to continue on the yarn venture so why not knit?

I can see why knitting seems harder than crocheting. I looked at quite a few tutorial videos and went through a couple of blogs on "knitting for beginners." The video tutorial I felt was simplest to follow was the one from Hobby Lobby on YouTube. When I started the cast on the needle I found that easy but once I had to use the second needle is when all hell broke loose. It seemed simple watching it but doing it was a completely different task. The coordination it took to manipulate the yarn and needles was something I lacked in. Of course I'm a beginner and am not going to get it right away, but damn. I felt kind of fumbly.

Day 35 Knit that in the bud!

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